No passwords. No tokens. No biometrics. Just simple authentication for real people.

LiveEnsure® is the next generation security technology that privately authenticates users through an elegant triangulation of their mobile device, location, knowledge and behavior. It's incredibly easy to use with flexible mashup APIs, free mobile apps and interactive control. Goodbye, passwords.

Real-Time Authentication

LiveEnsure® simply and securely authenticates your users' 360-degree security context in real time via their smart device and our free mobile app with scan-to-screen, app-to-app, or screen-to-tap engagement, even if they lose their phone. LiveEnsure® goes beyond a scan, push, PIN, SIM, OTP or password. It's just powerful but seamless 4-factor verification of the device, location, knowledge and behavior with elegant usability and individual privacy. Try the demo.


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Simple Mashup Integration

Developers can offer their users strong but private multi-factor authentication by simply mashing up a few lines of code with their site or app, SSO, social login, payment, download or other securable event. Or, developers can get rid of traditional passwords, 2FA and captcha altogether. There are no confusing APIs, tokens or callbacks. Just a simple call, present and poll JSON API to the cloud authentication service. Developers, go play in the sandbox.

Elegant, Private Operation

Users download the free mobile app for their iOS, Android or Windows smart device and just scan, roll app-to-app or tap to authenticate the next time they log in. No phone number, email or other account required. LiveEnsure® can authenticate users without having to re-identify them. Nothing about their identity is stored or seeded on the device and no private user info is sent back over the Net. There are no tokens, personas or keychains to manage. Get the app.

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In-App Configuration

LiveEnsure® has revolutionized interactive authentication science with its patent pending in-app "zero-bio" user control over their location, proximity, behavior and knowledge factors. Users authenticate without using biometrics, tokens or PINs, but never worry about security if they ever lose their smart device. Sites and apps can also drive the powerful features via API. LiveEnsure® has gamified authentication and truly involved the user in their own protection. Try the demo gallery or see the FAQs.

LiveEnsure® authenticates users around the world.

Watch as LiveEnsure® authenticates users in over 80 countries around the globe via their device, location, behavior and knowledge. Developers, to get started with your site or app, register now. Or try the user demo on your mobile or smart device.

Simple Authentication

Behavior Authentication

Location Authentication

Web Authentication

Mobile to Screen

App to App



Developer Requirements

A server or app and a few lines of code.

LiveEnsure® API integration is simple. As a developer, you need a published site or app with a login form or SSO. Sign up, get your API keys and mashup the code with your login form. Just call the API when the user logs in, present the object and poll for status. Mash it up in minutes. Visit support or Github to learn more.

End User Requirements

A smart device and the free app.

The LiveEnsure® end user requirement is a smart device with our free mobile app. Users either scan the login screen or launch it app-to-app from within their mobile. The LiveEnsure® app can be downloaded from the App Store for iOS devices, the Google Play for Android and the Windows Phone Marketplace.

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LiveEnsure® is the interactive authentication innovation company. We develop mobile security for cloud, web and apps on Apple iOS, Google Android and Windows.