Frequently Asked Questions

What does LiveEnsure® do?

LiveEnsure® offers a seamless layer of mobile authentication that protects sites from access by the wrong users and protects the real users from worrying about their device being stolen, hacked or used by criminals to access their sites, apps and accounts. LiveEnsure® does this by authenticating the user, their mobile device and session, knowledge, location and behavior context with an app-to-app rollover or touch-to-tap engagement. Sites just mashup the API and users simply install the app on their smart devices. Upon login, access, payment or other authenticated event, the site or app calls the API and the user taps to authenticate. The site and the user are mutually informed of the context match and no personal data is sent over the Internet, stored or seeded on the device and reused for future or alternate sites, sessions or apps.

How does LiveEnsure® work?

LiveEnsure® verifies the user and their device, location and behavior in context with the site or app, in real-time, from multiple perspectives. The site or developer mashes up the API and calls the service when the user wants to login, access, or execute some other securable event. The user then scans or taps a notification on the mobile or automatically "rolls over" (app to app) to LiveEnsure® on the device to perform the authentication. Once authenticated, the user simply continues or returns to the app or site and seamlessly proceeds.

Why is LiveEnsure® different?

LiveEnsure® leverages the power of smart devices to interact with their environment, the session and user via a patented technology called Digimetrics®. Gone are the days of seeding devices with cookies, tokens, or secret bits that must be kept hidden on the phone and merely referenced on subsequent authentication. LiveEnsure® authenticates the total context, not individual credentials, and therefore does not need to seed, read, store, transmit or pair up key-values on the device, the Internet or the cloud. There is no single authority in the model, only the context which is measured by all parties and is either valid or invalid. This allows the system to authenticate users without having to re-identify them and is much more powerful and private than traditional multi-factor or mobile authentication solutions.

How does LiveEnsure® verify location, behavior, time, biometrics and knowledge?

LiveEnsure® represents an innovation in security with our patented ”zero-password” interactive technology that lets the developer define and design the strength and personalization of the authentication. LiveEnsure® has the power to measure the absolute and relative location of the user and device, the individual behavior or influence on the device and any custom knowledge set or required by the site or user. Location can be a fixed location, a range or geofence or a proximity to the site/session or alternate device, both in and out of range. Behavior can range from touch, gesture and motion to orientation, position and movement of the device. Biometrics can be measured by supported mobile capabilities such as fingerprint scanner, facial recognition or other biometric devices. All of these features can be enabled by the site via API configuration. This prevents the wrong user from using the right device to access an account.

As a developer, how do I get LiveEnsure? Where can I use it?

The LiveEnsure® authentication service is available for developers, sites and apps by integrating the API with their login or identity mechanism. Simply sign up for a developer account, get your API keys, mashup the code with your site and call it upon user login or secured events. See the developer portal for up to date information, SDKs and support To see a live developer demo, visit the sandbox site. End users can get the free LiveEnsure® app from the either the Apple or Google app stores. Developers who want to mash up the core libraries with their own app should contact sales for info.

How much does LiveEnsure® cost?

The LiveEnsure® authentication app is free to end users. Developers are also free to use the LiveEnsure® API for their sites, social networks and non-commercial apps. However, sites seeking integrated commercial use of LiveEnsure® for their paid apps, online services or e-commerce sites should contact us for a commercial account.

Where does LiveEnsure® (and my data) live?

LiveEnsure® is hosted globally within a multi-tenant environment the Amazon EC2 cloud. The highly-available SaaS offering is continually monitored and protected by industry leading encryption, firewalls, virtual private networks and security infrastructure. To date, LiveEnsure® has safely performed millions of user authentications without a single failure. The data kept merely outlines the history of the discrete authentication events and status and does not store individual personal user information or history. If you are interested in a bespoke stack or integration, contact us.

I have more questions.

If you are a developer or customer and need more information or have more questions about integrating LiveEnsure® with your site or app, please visit the developer portal, support site or contact us for more help. If you are an end user, please visit the appropriate app store for your mobile platform, visit our support site or simply or send us a question via the website contact form.







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