Authenticating The World


LiveEnsure® scales to authenticate the world from their mobile device. With over 82 countries, 1000+ customers and millions of users/authentications to date, LiveEnsure® is poised to provide a ubiquitous layer of privacy, authenticity and elegance to the identity and security space. Regardless of language, platform or protocol and not relying up on SMS, tokens, certificates or OTPs, LiveEnsure®’s interactive authentication effortless authenticates the user, site, device, session, location and behavior all with a single motion of the mobile device. Whether on screen or app-to-app, LiveEnsure® mashes up with any site or solution with a few lines of code. To see a map of our authentications around the globe, visit our main page and scroll down. Contact us to get started with LE for your site, app or service.