Welcome to the Trust API™

Welcome to the new LiveEnsure® Trust API.

LEA4™. A New Day.


LiveEnsure© is excited to announce a new era in security and authentication. Stay tuned in the coming weeks to find out more about the new LEA4™ (leaf) - the simplest way to add authentication to your mobile application, website, payment, game or secure content. LEA4™ leverages the power of LiveEnsure® authentication app and cloud with a single, simple API or embedded library. Whether you need to verify the user, device, location, time, wearable, passwords, biometrics or even absolute identity, or all of them, you can do it from a single API.

Stay tuned and follow us for the latest. And while you are doing that, check out FourSure™ - the peer to peer trust app for anything you share.

Location Authentication


Check out the latest location authentication demo.

Authenticating The World


LiveEnsure® scales to authenticate the world from their mobile device. With over 82 countries, 1000+ customers and millions of users/authentications to date, LiveEnsure® is poised to provide a ubiquitous layer of privacy, authenticity and elegance to the identity and security space. Regardless of language, platform or protocol and not relying up on SMS, tokens, certificates or OTPs, LiveEnsure®’s interactive authentication effortless authenticates the user, site, device, session, location and behavior all with a single motion of the mobile device. Whether on screen or app-to-app, LiveEnsure® mashes up with any site or solution with a few lines of code. To see a map of our authentications around the globe, visit our main page and scroll down. Contact us to get started with LE for your site, app or service.

Game Developer Conference 2014


LiveEnsure® presented at the Game Developers Conference 2014 at the Moscone Center this week to hundreds of exhibitors and thousands of attendees. Security and authenticity are vital to virtual gaming worlds, online communities and interactive properties including apps, console games, casual games, video on demand, set-top, mobiles and gamified apps and services. The conference featured several talks and panels on security and privacy - and LiveEnsure® was a highlight of the show in that space. Vendors, game developers, payment companies and gaming platform providers alike were all excited by the LiveEnsure® technology and the potential it has for their offerings and users. To find out how LiveEnsure® can secure your game users and apps, visit the information page or register for free to begin using the authentication API.